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Internal Wet Area Waterproofing

All constructions in Australia  need to comply to the National Construction Code (NCC). 

And as part of this code, it states that its a performance requirement that water must be contained in a wet area.  

to this end, as qualified waterproofers, we work to the Australian Standard 3740-2010 at a minimum, however, we would prefer to go above and beyond the standard and offer best practice. 

Our internal services cover:

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries 
  • Toilet areas

There are requirements that we must meet in all these areas such as water stops, minimum distances, heights , shower types, type of substrate room will have, etc ...

so its critical that you talk to us prior to construction so that you can be assured that your bathroom is leak free. 

Contact us for more information or a quote. 

Fortress Waterproofing

Fortress Waterproofing